We are very busy getting ready for the 2018 season.  The car has been completely gone through and the motor is getting a freshen up by my great friends at Bailey Bros racing engines.  We are very excited.  We even have new t-shirts on the way.  Can't wait for the season to start.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the track. 

Our 2017 schedule is now posted and we can't wait for the season to begin.  Our Villa Lane Dental/DDS Racing Midget is approaching the final stages of being ready for the new season.  We will look forward to seeing you at the races.  Thank you !!!

Mother Nature won out last night in Ukiah as rain forced the cancellation on the event.  We will now turn our focus towards the 100 lap main event in Madera 7/14.  Thank you to Mike, Roz, Dominic, and Riley. 

Our race on 5/7 in Madera was not what we were hoping for, we just have not found the setup to match our Stanton Mopar.  We qualified 5th, ran 2nd in our heat race and then finished a disappointing 5th in the main event.  We will definitely make some changes for our nest race in Ukiah 5/21.  Special thanks to Patrick, Kenneth, Mike, Dominic, Dick and Betty for all their hard work.  We will certainly look forward to our next race in Ukiah. 

Finally after months of preparation of our Villa Lane Dental/DDS Racing BCRA midget,  the 2016 racing season has begun.  Our first race in Madera turned out pretty good.  We qualified 3rd, ran 3rd in out heat, and finished 3rd in the main event.  The Stanton Mopar ran great, but we just did not find the set-up that we needed to challenge for the win.  None the less we still had a good night.  I would like to thank Patrick, Kenneth, Mike, Roz, Scott, Dominic, and Don for their hard work and dedication.  We will prepare for our next race in Madera 5/7/16.

Happy New Year to all.  We are very excited about the new season.  We will be receiving our midget motor back from repairs by Gary Stanton at the end of the month.  We will be busy getting thing's ready for testing at the beginning of march.  I would also like to welcome Villa Lane Dental as a new sponsor to our DDS Racing midget.  Look for some new T-shirts very shortly.  All of other sponsors will be back with us as well.  Thank you to all for your help and support.  The new BCRA midget schedule is posted.  I have also been asked to drive for Pat Ariaz again this year at selected races.  That schedule will be posted shortly.  Can't wait for the season to start.  Thanks again to all of our sponsors and to our dedicated crew members.  See at the races very soon.  Take care, David

Last night I was given the chance to drive the Pat Ariaz NCMA sprint car.  We qualified 3rd quick, won our heat race, and the finished 3rd in the main event.  We had a problem with the power steering all night but certainly got worse in the main.  we will get that issue looked at and then have a chance to run it again in Madera 9/18.  Special thanks to Pat, Fred, Tyler, and my brother Patrick.  It was great to be back racing!!!

Last Saturday I was given a last minute call to drive a King of the Wing sprint car for Davey and Kenny Hamilton.  It was a great opportunity and a lot of fun.  We didn't have quit the night we were hoping for as the car had a lot of issues all night long.  We worked very hard all night however 8th in the main was the best we could do.  I also have been asked to drive for Pat Arias on Aug. 8th in his NCMA sprint car.  So we will look forward to that and hopefully more calls will come our way.  Still waiting to decide on the direction for the midget.  Ill keep you posted.  Special thanks to Kenneth Whalen, Mike and Roz Shepherd for all their help. 

Our race last Saturday at Madera Speedway didn't end up the way we wanted.  We qualified 3rd quick, won our heat race and then while running 2nd in the main had an engine failure.  We broke a valve stem and spring which then damaged the top of the piston.  We have the motor out and Bob Wirth's for repair.  We hope to get it back and back to racing as soon as possible.  We will keep everyone posted.  Special thanks to my brother Patrick, Kenneth, Don, Mike and Roz and Suzie for all their help.  We see you at the track as soon as we can. 

All in all we had a great night with our DDS Racing midget at Madera Speedway Saturday night, we just came up a little short in the main event.  We qualified 2nd quick, won our heat race, and then finished 2nd in the main event.  I really noticed we lost our handling towards the end of the race.  As it turned out we had a left rear tire going flat.  I want to extend a special thanks to our entire team: Kenneth, Don, Patrick, Dewayne and Cory, Mike and Roz, and Scott.  We will look forward to our next race in Madera on May 2nd. 

We are putting the final touches on our DDS Racing midget for our season opener 3/28 in Madera.  The Whalen Motorsports sprint car will not be ready for this race as Kenneth is in the process of moving his shop to a new location.  Test day went very well and special thanks to Don for all his hard work.  Can't wait to start racing.