David began racing soon after he graduated from the USC School of Dentistry. His first race car was a twin engine go-cart, which he raced for five years before leaving racing to spend more time with his young family. With his two daughters a little older, he began racing again in 1994, and DDS Racing was formed. The team raced a 600cc modified Midget, until David was asked by car owner John Gudgell to race his BCRA Midget Lite in 1998. The team enjoyed success, as David won both the BCRA Midget Lite Rookie of the Year and the Championship in the same year. In 1999 John suffered a serious illness which kept him away from racing, and David was asked to drive for Ted Hunting Motorsports, again with BCRA. In 2001, the team began racing 360 Non-Wing Sprint cars, and David was named the All Pro Racing Series Rookie of the Year. In 2004, the DDS Racing Team began traveling and joined NCMA. 2004 and 2005 brought multiple wins at multiple tracks; many not affiliated with NCMA. 2007 brought another change as David began racing on pavement. In 2007 and 2008 the DDS Racing Team competed with full schedules on both dirt and asphalt.

In 2009 only a few dirt races, but a full pavement schedule; 2010 and beyond will be pavement only.  In 2011 David was asked to also drive the Storck's Garage USAC/BCRA midget for Jeff and Anthony Arata.  The season was highlighted by participating and qualifying for the 2011 Turkey Night Grand Prix.  This is a nationally recognized event against some of the best drivers and teams across the country.  We finished a respectful 20th.  2012 saw full schedules in both our NCMA sprint car and the Arata racing BCRA midget.  2013 and 2104 saw only partial schedule with both cars do to personal and family needs.  Also in 2014,  Arata Racing decided to changed directions and build a dirt midget. 2015 looks extremely exciting.  We plan of a full schedule with our DDS Racing midget.  In addition, David has been asked to drive the Whalen Motorsports Pacific Region King of the Wing 410 sprint car.  WOW !!!

David has the enthusiastic support of his family, especially his lovely wife Suzie. She not only looks after most things at home, she is also an integral part of the DDS Racing Team. Suzie is a Registered Dental Assistant, and somehow finds time to work at the dental office too.



1994 to 1998 -Multiple Race Wins
1998 - BCRA Midget Lite Rookie of the Year
1998 - BCRA Midget Lite Champion

1999 - Race Against Cancer Winner

2000 - Turkey Trot Winner

2001 - All Pro Racing Series Rookie of the Year
2001 - Daryl Shirk Memorial Winner

2004 - NCMA Dirt Series Champion

2005 - Select Series Dirt Champion

2007 - NCMA Pavement Series Rookie of the Year

2008 - NCMA Dirt Series Champion
2008 - NCMA Pavement Series Champion
2008 - NCMA Combined Champion
2008 - Altamont Speedway Sprint Car Champion

2009 - Vukovich Classic Winner
2009 - Pombo Classic Winner

2009 - NCMA Pavement Series Champion

2010 - NCMA Pavement Series Champion

2011 - NCMA Pavement Series Champion

2011 - Turkey Night Grand Prix


2012 - Pombo Classic Winner

2012 - BCRA 2nd Place Pavement Division

2012 - NCMA Pavement Series Champion


2013 -  Deake Lyndall Memorial Winner

2013 - BCRA 2nd Place Pavement Division


2014 - All American Speedway Winner



Don has been going to the races and helping David win since the early days of the 600cc modified Midget. When the DDS Racing Team made the move to spring cars, Don became the official crew chief of the 3G Sprinter. Don's tireless efforts, hard work and dedication, and attention to detail are key to the success of DDS Racing. In addition to the daily responsibilities of preparing and maintaining the race car, Don calls all the shots at the racetrack. With Don's efforts the 3G Sprinter always arrives at the track on time, prepared, and ready to win; his personal integrity and unwavering enthusiasm inspire us all. Don is married to the lovely and very understanding Jan. He recently retired as North Bay Regional Manager after 42 years at Caltrans. He received many awards during his distinguished career, including special recognition from three different governors. Don also recieved the 2009 NCMA Crew Chief of the Year Award. We're proud of you, Don!



Mike joined the DDS Racing Team in 2001. He had been involved with sprint cars in the past, and when he heard about the 3G Sprinter, he just had to lend a hand. Mike's duties are many; in addition to the mechanical aspects of preparing and maintaining the car, he is also responsible for promotions and sponsorships. When he's not helping the DDS Racing Team toward its next win, Mike works for the Napa County Road Department.

Mike is married to his lovely wife Roz.  On race day Roz looks after what seems to be a hundred things. 



Dewayne has been with the DDS Racing Team since its beginning. He was the crew chief for the 600cc modified Midget, and he has worked on everyrace car since. The DDS Racing Team would not exist without Dewayne's hard work, dedication, and generosity. When he is not lending his talents to DDS Racing, Dewayne is a district manager for Matco Tools. Dewayne's wonderful wife Cory works at the dental office and is the Officer Manager.  Cory is also an integral part of our team. 



Scott joined the DDS Racing Team in 2002. He was involved with boat racing for many years before being bitten by the sprint car bug. Scott is in charge of team publicity. He is a talented free-lance writer, and he contributes articles to various publications, including The Napa Register. He keeps Register subscribers up to date on the latest news about the "Flying Dentist" and DDS Racing.



Patrick has always been a very important part of DDS Racing.  He is also a very accomplished sprint car racer in his own right.  Patrick works for Matco Tools and is a Franchise Sales Manager.  He is married to his wonderful wife Deanna.  Their family definitely keeps them busy, but Patrick has somehow found the time to make it to the races.  It is such an  asset to have him there. 



Kenneth started helping with the DDS Racing sprint car in 2014.  In fact the sprint car was kept at Kenneth's shop, Whalen Motorsports in Madera.  Kenneth maintained and prepared the sprint car as well as helping with the midget.  Now for 2015 we switch gears and David will drive a King of the Wing sprint car for Kenneth and Whalen Motorsports.  Kenneth is from a wonderful racing family and it's great to have them there at the races. Kenneth has a wonderful wife Lisa.